Easy way to copy text from pc/laptop to mobile using PC finger

Hey folks , today let's see about a tech hack that saves a lot of time and you might feel great after you done with this.

Some times when we need to copy a text or link from pc to the mobile, we copy it through whatsapp web or telegram or through other means of social media apps.

While your working with an important work, transferring texts, links  are necessary. Why frustration of taking up more to time for this simple task.

Think about this, What if a standalone app for this make you save more time and easier to copy the text from pc to mobile and Vice Versa.

So let's look what are the requirements you needed for this.

Requirements :

A common connection [both the mobile and pc should be connected on the same connection]. Most preferable the wifi connection of the router or hotspot.

Java need to be installed in your computer. [Atleast Java JRE is needed]

Of course without Pc/laptop and mobile how can we do this hack, kidding...

Action Plan :

1. Connect the PC/Laptop and Mobile to the same connection.

2. Download the App PC Finger from the Android Playstore.

3. Now you need a windows app to configure the server properly. Download the Desktop Application

4. Extract the zip File and save it in your desktop.

5. Now we will make a much easier way to execute the application to start the server.

6. Open the new folder created after extracting the zip file , named as "PC Finger Server 1.0".

7. Now right click within the folder create --- New -- TextFile.
    (Because to execute a jar file you need to use command prompt)

8. I assume you extracted the file in desktop. In the text file type the following command 

    C:\Users\Your username\Desktop\PC Finger Sever 1.0\PC Finger 1.0>java -jar Clipboard.jar change the 'Your username' into the username in your desktop.

Now select save as and Clipboard.bat as filename and select all files as save as type and save.

9. Now rename the PC Finger Sever.jar file as "Clipboard.jar".

10. Now the installation part is complete. Let us see how to execute.

11. Click on the newly created Clipboard.bat file and once you clicked cmd will get opened and it starts to run the command. 

12. Wait for few second , an application similar to the below image will open. Now stop the server and change password as per your wish and again start the server and under setting select start automatically.

13. Now on you mobile open the app and enter the password and connect.

14. Now you can perform various function you can share the text from your mobile to laptop/pc and vice versa.

[Note : You might need to click on the Clipboard.bat file, whenever you login into a new session in pc/laptop and common connection for the pc/laptop and mobile is mandatory]  

Feel free to comment, if you face any issue, and share your opinion about this trick.

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