This post would help to install the basic software  required to work with Machine Learning .

Basic Requirements :
  1. Python
  2. Jupyter Notebook

Go through the below steps if you've not installed Python

If you've already installed Python Skip the first step.

1. Download Python from this website

    If you want specific versions for other operating systems, it can be downloaded from this website.

2. After Installation You could check whether the Python is Installed correctly on your PC/Laptop.
Open Your Command Prompt Window  and Type "python --version" without quotes

3. After Installation of Python you should install Package Installer for Python. Pip is the Package installer for Python.

For python > 3.4 the Package Installer is installed by default.

Just ensure whether it is installed properly by typing "pip --version" without quotes just like above in Command Prompt Window.

4. Jupyter Notebook is an open source developed in Github. It gives some additional functionalities for Python to visualize the statistical data effectively.

Open Your Command Prompt Window and type "pip install notebook" without quotes to install Jupyter.

After Installing Jupyter check using the command "jupyter notebook" without quotes.

It would open the browser with local host. 

Finally you've installed the Python and Jupyter Notebook.

At next we would install some important packages for Machine Learning.


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