Free Resources for Gate Mechanical Engineering 2021

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an examination which is conducted by IIT's and IISC on behalf of Indian Government.

Each year an Institution would conduct this examination. This is a Computer based Test.

Gate examination for 2021 is organized by IIT Bombay.

So here I expect you are in Preparation phase. Some  might be in finishing stage. Sorry for the delay, here I've added  some resource sites for Mechanical Engineering for the Gate Exam.

1. Exam hill 
    Exam Hill is developed by IIT Bombay Alumni. You could find enormous amount of resources here.

2. Grade Up 
    Grade Up is an android based app which is having tons of test series and now a days there are free live      sessions too. Use this tool wisely by managing your preparation time.

3. Youtube Channels 

    It is not a big surprise for you, because youtube is one we use regularly to update us. But there are various youtube channels present there. So it may create diversion while you search those on youtube.

I've a list of youtube channels for GATE MECH , subscribe them and check their playlist. They would update their videos regularly.

Gate Academy Plus 

Gate Academy

Unacademy ME

Grade Up

4. Telegram Channels

Now a days Telegram becomes an easy way to share the resources. There are numerous Telegram        channels and groups for preparation and Doubt Clearance. Just search and Join in those channels in Telegram. By using this method you could find great and like minded friends very easily.

If you think I've missed any resource creator kindly comment them on "show your response widget".

Share to your friends who are in need of these much valued resources.

Free doesn't mean they are reducing their standard of materials. Because some one who have really great skills create this for their pioneers to contribute for this society.


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