Self Cleaning glass using Nano Technology

Nano Technology - 001 

Nano technology is not only an emerging field but it is much more fast pacing tech in the world. Nano technology is an engineering field which creates or uses the particles which scales around 1 to 100 nano meters.

Well we'll start this series with some interesting facts about nano technology

A sheet of  newspaper is about  100,000 nanometers thick
25,400,400 nanometers is equal to one inch
A nanometer is 10 times the diameter of an hydrogen atom
A nanometer is one billionth of a meter.

When scientists invented Scanning Tunneling Microscope and the Atomic Force Microscope, the new age of nano technology was begin. 

Nano technology will let us build computers that are incredibly powerful. We'll have more power in the volume of a sugar cube than exists in the entire world today. 

                                                                     --- Ralph Merkle


Trending Applications of Nano Particles

  • Scratchproof Eye Glasses
  • Crack-Resistant Paints
  • Anti-Graffiti coatings for walls
  • Transparent sunscreens
  • Stain- Repellent Fabrics
  • Self Cleaning windows
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Solar cells

Nano Particles are present naturally in, 

  • Volcanic Ash
  • Ocean spray
  • Fine sand
  • Dust
  • Even biological Matter (viruses)

Well as this post would go lengthy ,will cut short this post by explaining what is self cleaning windows and how do they work ?

Self Cleaning Windows

Titanium Dioxide
Image Source : Google

Self cleaning windows are the windows which is finally coated using titanium dioxide. The titanium dioxide is nano powdered and it is coated on the glasses very thin by applying it gradually. But do you think it is now dust free. 

No, it has to absorb some energy from outside and needs to be UV treated. It is more and more reliable on the climatic conditions. 

Glass is usually hydrophobic or water hating. You assume if rain rains the windows will resist and the water moves down while staying it marks. But the titanium dioxide loves water and it evenly spread the water across the glass , so the water dries when it gets heat. so the beads like droplets won't appear.

Self cleaning Glass
Image Source : Google

It is not a surprise to say that Self Cleaning Glass is costlier than conventional glass. If you look to buy this one then comment, I have a bunch of Self Cleaning Window Manufacturer details.


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