Ritesh Agarwal the man behind OYO ROOMS, born in Bissam Cuttack, Rayagada District, Odissa. During his childhood her sister was his inspiration and through her he get introduced to the word Entrepreneurship.

He then googled for entrepreneurship and decided to set his path towards entrepreneur.

During school days when teacher asked what are you going to become? He answered as Entrepreneur and all the students stared at him. After he completed schooling he started to explore more places of Northern parts of India and attends more entrepreneur conference in Delhi.

He spent most weekends by travelling to Uttarkhand, Himachal Pradesh, used pocket money earned from part-time jobs and internships for expenses while travelling.

He had a habit of writing mails to various hotels and resort owners asking about free rooms to solve something in this field. Some of them gave free rooms, some of them give some offers most of them ask him to pay the full rent. Even though he explored 100 places and stayed 200 properties. During his travel he get a chance of experience good to bad rooms.


As he explored many parts of the country, at his 17 age he publish his book “A Complete Encyclopaedia of Top 100 Engineering Colleges”. After completing his high school he started Oravel.com business, which is a business providing budget service apartments but it became failure.

He came across Thiel fellowship offered by Peter Thiel (Co-Founder of PayPal) at 1 January, and the application deadline was 31 December, the eligibility of Thiel fellowship was Candidate below 20 and school dropout, So the time favoured him to apply for it and he was the first Asian person to get selected.

The experience gained from Thiel Fellowship helped and motivated him to start OYO in 2013. At beginning only 5 Cities had OYO, Light speed venture and DSG consumer partners invested in OYO and by 2014, it opened branches in 73 Cities across India

Now OYO is World’s 3rd Largest Hotel Chain organization and in more than 800 cities with 850000 rooms and 46,000 vacation homes worldwide.

He is one of the youngest Indian Billionaire to achieve this feet. But there is still controversy is going upon their success. Let see how do they sail over amidst covid.

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  1. Good work on about entrepreneurship and he is the youngest billionaire in the world.

    Good work harish


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