Download Office 365 free 100 % legally

Hi Guys in this post we're showing you a 100% legal way to install office 365 as a student and Faculty. 

Office 365 is really a great tool to learn computer skills. While each and every thing has a price. But why should pay double for it. 

As you've already paid, this shows us literally how ignorant we are, 

If you have your college mail ID that is one which ends with your college name, you could attain this goal 50%.

Why 50% ? Not 100 ?

Because your college needs to have a global license for the students and faculty members.

  • To check , If you and your college is eligible to have this subscription drop your mail id here Am I Eligible.

  • And click Get Started.
  • You need to enter your mobile number to verify.

  • You should get a form and fill in the details on the boxes, and remember it is not mandatory to enter your college password on these boxes.
  • Click sign up.
  • You would probably get signup instructions with a security code on your college mail id.
  • Enter the code and get full access of windows office 365.
  • You have a plenty of options web apps, android, mac, and Desktop PCs. Click install on the top right to install it on your PC. And this software might have 4 GB size. 
  • So if you've installed office 365 already ,try signing in with your college mail ID, but follow the above steps. If you face any trouble let me know. 
I am short on time, I'll update soon with more details. Comment if you need instant reply.You could find the comment section below the post "Show responses".
The only thing I am requesting you, is that to spread the knowledge by sharing.


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