Drone Boy Pratap

Life of Mechon is always very special for you. This time we crafted a Series for you. Not something you can avoid. We are going to launch a series of Motivational Stories for Mechanical Engineers.

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This is our first story brought for you. You may heard about Drones and their applications on major fields. But do you know an young scientist fondly called "Drone Boy Pratap". 

Pratap, a student from Mandya District in Karnataka. He was from a farming family and his childhood days were awesome, even though he is from poor background.

He is very much interested in drones even @ the age of 14. He learnt all about drones by spending his free time on browsing centres and made a fair knowledge about drone technology.

He started to build a drone at 16 itself, by using spare parts that are from e-wastes. You know the drone he build at the age of 16 is built with a camera.

He develops more interest on drones by asking doubts to scientists and rarely he would get reply. But he is not likely to stop asking doubts. 

He is more eager to learn Electronics Engineering but unfortunately he could not afford that, and  he joined B.Sc physics and tried a lot to build drones for every projects and competitions. He didn't search for problems, because they are already exist in the world.

He pushed his limits to sky and built drones with the chips and transistors available at scrap centres at Ahmedabad and other cities. He went to Delhi to participate in a drone competition and he got prize for that. Later they conveyed that there is Grand Drone challenge competition is going on floors at Japan. He messaged to government seeking help. But he didn't have any replies positively. And he had another major problem that he needs to get his proposal signed by a Ph.D holder working as a faculty. He traveled to chennai to get signed by a professor. He didn't get sign until 31 days of struggle. He traveled to Japan in a business class ticket offered by a philanthropist. 

He bagged the gold medal in International Robotic Exhibition held at Tokyo, Japan, in December 2017 and he secured the first place in CeBIT Drone Expo-2018 at Hanover, Germany.

Prathap has done six major projects — Telegraphy in Border Security, Cryptography in Drone networking system, Drones in traffic Management, Drones in National Socio-Defence purpose, UAVs in Rescuing humans and Auto piloted drones — to his credit, apart from many scholarships, awards and achievements.

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