Bellatrix Aerospace - Rohan Ganapathy

As part of our Motivational stories series , this time we started to explore space ,

Rohan M Ganapathy - CEO of Bellatrix Aerospace

The team of Bellatrix at work at IISc
The team of Bellatrix at work at IISc

He is from ooty and he did his bachelors on Aeronautical Engineering at Hindustan college, Coimbatore.

Rohan M Ganapathy
Rohan M Ganapathy

Why do I mentioned the college name here is, he is not from IIT's or any foreign universities. He is going to be the next generation of Rockets. He started his research at 2011 and he achieved the solution. He made a proposal at IISC, Banglore and finally his startup was incubated by IISC. He got various awards and achievements, but the award he got from the Former president Dr. Pranab Mukherjee is always special.

"Considering our age, no one could believe we could come up with something so technically challenging. But you try more and you get the results. That is the case with every researcher," says Ganapathy, CEO.

Actually how did I forgot the main thing, the project he worked on is "Chetak" , A launch vehicle for satellites .

With advances in technology, nano-satellites are becoming more and more capable. Bellatrix offers a simple and reliable dedicated nano-satellite launch vehicle with an aim to make nano-satellite launches more affordable than ever before. Chetak is a two stage vehicle, where the first stage is designed for reuse. Both the stages of Chetak will use liquid methane as fuel. Chetak features an all-carbon composite construction. They planned to launch the vehicle with ISRO on 2023.

As it was one of our country's dream project, I could not mention every details here. You could find more about him on the links I referred below.

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