Why should you Choose Mechanical Engineering ?

This would be the question which revolves around the high school completed scholars. The following characteristics will clearly make you to select the right decision towards your career. First of all there is a bad impression about the Mechanical Engineering regarding placements. We'll analyse each and every aspect of Mechanical Engineering in a detailed manner. 

How Mechanical Engineering is different from other branches ?

Have you thought about this anytime. Mechanical Engineering is not only a branch of Engineering. It is a lot more to Engineering. There are some describing phrases for mechanical engineering such as Father of Engineering, Mother of Engineering, Whom ever want to express their views they can express, but do you know what is mechanical engineering really mean to you. You should keep away this fake proud from you. Because now a days Engineering is Incorporated with every branches. There are many reasons a student should learn Mechanical Engineering . Let us analyse this in an Illustrative method,

For instance, 1000 people buy a product based on following factors,

50% prefer to Brand, 20% prefer to quality, 10% prefer to efficiency, 10% prefer to lifetime, 5% forced and remaining 5% really mean to buy the product because they know its value. 

Yes I'm comparing the Mechanical Engineering to the product, Most people choose 

Mechanical Engineering - The Brand :
                                                              I'm not saying they chosen based on wrong factor, because they feel proud to be a Mechanical Engineer. At college mechanical engineers will always form a gang they are easily mixed with their fellow beings. Mostly there would be a very few girls as classmates, sometimes you are safe. You people only know the brand, do you know how it established itself as a brand. Find here -

Freelancer and Entrepreneurs are becoming a trend. It is easy for a computer engineer to work as a freelancer compared to Mechanical Engineers. But for Entrepreneurs the case is not like that, 70% of Mechanical Engineers would prefer to become Entrepreneurs. 

Are you interested in Entrepreneurship --- Know about Top 10 Entrepreneurs who are Mechanical Engineers. Don't miss it, definitely you gonna got some motivation.

Let us dive into the Mechanical world, I'm going to explain how does a college environment sounds for a Mechanical Engineer , Don't skip it is full of true events happened in real life.

Don't get into a Hi-tech mode, it won't happen in Mechanical Engineer's life. The life of mechon is truly full of experience. Some qualities the mechanical engineers would have that is , they won't care about what other branches are doing,they do their best ---what other branches can only imagine and enjoy. You know there might be some students who are really good at coding and other computer related skills. You are exposed to automobile projects, and you can find the skill that would match for you. As a Mechanical Engineer the following are the most common skills which you should develop 

Designing machines
Operating machines
Analysing machines
Figuring out problems
solving bottlenecks
and so on.....

Don't restrict your imaginations considering a lathe or other similar machines, there are some other recent trends you might work as a project such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Autonomous Vehicle, Robots, 3D printers etc..,.

Apart from that you have many workshops, symposiums conducted by many Institutions. At third year of college you would insisted to focus on placement preparation. In between you must need to complete Internship from any good source to develop your interpersonal skills. The best time for starting GATE preparation is third year. You would be enlightened to various career options after your completion of the bachelors degree.

Usually student would use a term Core company / Non Core company. Core Company is best derived as the companies you work related to what you've learn. Non Core Companies are generally referred as
IT companies and you are not learn related to that field of work. 

So here where the Coding friends make use the best of Mechanical Engineering. There are more demand for Mechanical Engineers who are best in coding and designing. Wondering about which programming language should a Mechanical Engineer Learn --- try this article .

Hey, according to me there are some prerequisites to join Mechanical Engineering.

  • Good in Coding
  • Innovative 
  • Flexible

If you have any one of the above qualities you are the one who is going to travel a long way in the Mechanical Industry. Don't think IT companies are not related to your field. Some of the IT companies demand mechanical engineers, because they need their skills such as designing, problem solving, technical writing, product knowledge etc..,

If you really like to choose the Mechanical Engineering, please don't go back because you're already in. There should not be go backs or fall outs if you interested. Don't compare placements with the numbers in the currency, compare it with your skills.

If you're still in dilemma comment your situation, I expect you may get a solution from Mechons.


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