Applications of 3D printing - 1

3D printing Industry is a quite wide ranging industry in recent days. Why you should turn up your career towards 3D printing ? There are endless products you can make using 3D printing. The Mechanical Engineering students are well known about that. You may heard the same method in different word such as  Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping. 3D printing is a type of Additive Manufacturing. 

OK well, I displayed here a list of my recent posts in 3D printing.

 Before starting off to read out the post let first make sure where you are standing 

If you are a beginner in 3D printing, you must read this post. This post will really helpful to know the basics of 3D printing.

To excel in an Industry,you should know about the each and every application of the product which meets the end users. To leave no stone unturned, here I described about the applications of 3D printing.

Bio printing  

Bio printing is the way of printing biological parts may be the skull,hand,muscles more and more...
Tissues are used as a fluid which would used to print the parts. Do you know how the tissues are used as fluid ? Living cells are the new comer in the bio printing gels. Actually the Industry is developing more forward, don't back yourself from the pace. It is not ended up with these biological parts. There are many scenario where we can use the metals to fabricate human organs such as legs, toes, hands, fingers.

Medical Industry 

Medical Industry is really a great example where the 3D printing is most applied. Yes the method of manufacturing most medicines would comes under additive manufacturing. So it is very easy to implement 3D printing devices. Many Medical Industrys moved to 3D printing from traditional Manufacturing.

Textile Industry  

Apparel is commonly known as clothing. 3D printing is not ready to leave them too. There are many designers glad to create their styles using 3D printing. Because it reduces their time of  making the beautiful apparel. They can also make corrections easily by viewing it through a software. Every Industry is ready to move from their traditional method of manufacturing to 3D printing. Even the cotton are loomed using 3D printing. 


Automobiles are the vast area where 3D printing is applied. The parts used in automobiles are little bit complex more than parts used in other Industry. Because there are endless parts which are in various designs. So don't think building a car is a simple task. There often problems created and solved. Many companies spend their research time on printing their car parts. But some parts are not able to printed. Not due to complex design because 3D printer is a master of printing complex designs. It is due to their material properties. Selecting a material such as carbon fibers will lead to higher costs.

Civil Engineering 

There are many projects have been made on 3D Printing Constructions. Now a days 3D printing is becoming a necessary tool for new age manufacturers. A construction can be build within 2 days which would provide better strength and properties compared to traditional approach. Refer Icon build website for more info.You may have a question , Does 3D printing reduces manpower. Yes it reduces , but you should agree that this method only possible to provide solutions for complex designs.


Robots!  again the design with complex arm fixes, and friction controlled parts. 3D printer is the tool which could give the better flexible structure to the project which in terms produce the parts with 360 degree rotation. Actually there are many fluids used to create a product using 3D printer. Want to know what are they ? 

And there are more applications of 3D printing exist in the world.We will see them in the next post. The Questions which are asked to the users will be updated soon...

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