7 Things About Machine Learning You'll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Machine Learning is one of the main career options for Mechanical Engineering. This is the most trending job in 2019. As you know we're making posts regarding ML, today this post which would help you to know about the applications of ML.

 Yes it takes 2 minutes, but it is worth to read.

1. Autonomous Vehicles :

Autonomous vehicles is the project which was formerly claimed by tech giant google. Later there are many alterations have been made and it is among the one which you have more career options. Many startups have been starting up in this particular field. Do your college projects on Autonomous Vehicles and stand out in the crowd.

2. Image Recognition :

Image Recognition is also an application of Machine Learning as it helps to analyse the different parts of images by segmenting each part and verifying its properties. Matlab is the great tool to do your Machine Learning projects. Though Matlab is a paid software, you can try out Octave which is an open source software meeting all the requirements.

3. Sentimental Analysis :

  Have you heard about this anywhere before. What do you think about the emojis and memes. They are designed. Yes, correct. But in future ,if you do projects on this area you would be a unique one to achieve. Because always there are more options to succeed in your life. But everyone chooses the familiar path. Not wrong about that being unique is always a added advantage.

4. News Classification :

This is a practical application which you may already experienced. GOOGLE NEWS is an application which uses the Machine Learning Algorithms to function effectively and quickly. Because they are handling more data and news from various resources. They categorize them according to the labels and user traffics.

5. Speech Recognition :

 Speech recognition is a very good application of Machine Learning. There are many startups which are working on it to achieve a greater feet. Alexa and Google home are already a well established concerns. Their gadgets are good in Marketing.

6. Services of Social media :

Do you think social Media are only for Entertainment. Not at all it is the tool which is mostly used to advertise. If you really analyze the social medias, you could understand the effect of advertisements. I've already said advertisements are taken a new route with machine learning.

7. Robot Control :

 Robotics are the most demand skills in future. The robots are AI enabled and they are the great applications of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Many companies are shifting to automation for productions. A company can full automated, but due to laws company's can't prefer that. But the Robot manufacturing company needs man power man.

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