3D printing a short Intro

Hey! thanks in advance for reading this post. Here this post deals with the major questions asked by everyone about 3D printing. From this Q & A post you could easily understand about what is 3D printing and what can it do ?

3D printed construction

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What is 3D Printing ?
3D printing is a device which is used to print a Three Dimensional product, which we can touch and feel it presence.

Why it is needed ?
  • It is needed to develop a product quickly with zero errors. 
  • It is a Pro in solving complex designs to manufacture as a product.
  • It is one of the finest tool in the world to create.

For example if you want to create a toy you can use a software to design a toy and the 3D printer do the work like sculpting always by additive manufacturing and sometimes there are removals made.

We'll keep updating this article often. Ask your basic questions  in comments.


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