Missiles - The countries that own missiles classified with unknown facts

Missile is a weapon which is used at air force , it is usually refers to a weapon which is made of nuclear atoms is carried away by a rocket motor or jet engine . The very first missile was created by Nazi Germany in World war. Rocket propellants (the fuels) are generally in solid state to maintain easily and for quicker access . Nowadays, Missiles which are used by developed countries are very advanced and more expensive . 

Let us see the list of countries that own missiles,

United States
North Korea 
South Korea
United Kingdom

There are N number of missiles in the world which of some are slightly vary from one another . Developed countries and developing countries are making many researches on missile development . If you are very interested to Defense , then start looking about missiles and their future development . Because this is a huge field where every country invests more amount of money . So it is our responsibility to make our nation powerful . For more information about Missiles .


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