Do you wish to become a Battery test Engineer

Battery is a man made energy source which would supply its power to enormous devices to function. Do you imagine what would happen if the fossil fuels are completely eradicated . There would be a greater demand for batteries and other energy sources. There will be more employment in this field . Actually day by day batteries are becoming an important energy source we are using . So if you decided to become a Battery test Engineer , or a Battery design Engineer , It's a wise choice .
What are the prerequisites to become a Battery Test Engineer ?
You should have a bachelors degree in any of the below field 
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Actually the three above courses are easy to incorporate . If you do any one of the courses listed above try to grasp knowledge about other two courses . That would make you the best to the profile . If you are unclear about what to learn , find online courses and become a champ . 
How much salary does  a Battery Test Engineer would get  ?


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