How Artificial Intelligence is helpful for Mechanical Engineers

How Artificial Intelligence is helpful for Mechanical Engineers

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the intelligence of a smart machine created by the smart Engineers. Every one knows what AI means, they can simply say AI means Artificial Intelligence. But knowing its expansion or knowing its two words meaning is not the understanding grade of AI.

AI in today's world is beyond your illustrative capacity. Major Manufacturers today move to AI Robots and Machines neglecting humans. Why because AI computed robots can work more smarter than the smartest mind who computed that.

AI is being used by your smartphones and gadgets. What is the use of AI on your smart phones? Face unlock, camera perfections for object considerations. Now you know the capacity of AI on your smartphones. This type of less powered or manually powered AI is known as Limited Artificial Intelligence. Google bot or Siri is not fully AI powered.

smart phone
Then you may ask what is the power of AI? The maximum power of AI won't need interactions with humans. It can self sustain in this world by all the functionalities already provided to it.

Did I mentioned about AI Robots, you may have seen Enthiran and its successor. The predecessor lacks some of the AI compatibility but the later one is Completely AI powered robot. 
Now we know the power of Artificial Intelligence, but how does it helps to Mechanical Engineers ?

While before going to that let us have a look on how Artificial Intelligence is different from Human Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is fast paced and it can perform multiple functions with higher accuracy. However when it comes to Problem Solving at higher complex rates with risk accountability the AI fails. 

Because Human Intelligence is based on Adaptive Learning. Here it doesn't need to be accessed with pre-fed data which is the backbone of AI. You may wonder whether AI sucks?  AI can never be a super human. Because the knowledge and data provided to AI is the hand of sand in your hand. It needs to be deep learned to analyse the skill sets of humans. Human brain is still not completely accessible by any network. Here you find what AI lacks. The networking capability of human brain is more and more complex and stronger to access by any other man kind. 

You may come across a number of disaster that happened due to AI, such as an Autonomous car killed a pedestrian. So AI is to be much more develop to help the mankind. 

Now you may heard of these phrases Deep Learning , Machine Learning. Deep Learning and Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. 

Deep Learning is the technology which is used to make the Networking Algorithms to similar to the human brain. It breaks down the algorithm into sections and levels and it  deep rooted to connect hassle free network. So it is not a surprise ,the technology is named as "Deep Learning".

Machine Learning is something which is programmed to make the machine to learn something using trial and error method. For Instance if you wanna make a machine to drill, the machine is not supposed to learn only to drill a hole. 
It is trained to find the material placed 
To check physical parameters of the material to find the accuracy of the hole.

Rather listing out each of its features it is trained to be the best driller. After several training it won't go as a product. Now the Learning stage occurs, the machine is tested with different aspects and it is about to learn and store data of each experiences. 
data storage
And here the deep learning is used to store the data. So in future if the machine encounters any non monotonous work, it would check and execute using Deep Learning Method.

Image source: Slash Gear
The above image is from Tesla Industry. Tesla trying to hyper-automate its factory, the rest is history. 


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