Art of setting goals

Hi everyone, In this article we'll try to explore the art of setting goals. Actually setting goals are the common things which we aware about. But only few people achieve their goals. I think you catch up!

Yeah!, all of us are setting goals but we fail to make it. If you sit back and relax you could find the mistakes you've done on goal setting.

Goal is a term which is used to determine the dream and passion you have to achieve. Until you achieve everything is a dream. You dreams are converted into goal only, if you follow on your own track to achieve what you determined to do.

The aim is different from goals. If you wanna become a pilot it is an aim, and if you want to become a pilot you should know about flight control systems,and about space whether conditions. Not only ended up with that, it further goes some extent. And the qualities that needed to accomplish your aim is the goals you should fix and achieve. The flight control system and space whether conditions are the qualities you needed. You need to fix some short term goals to excel on all one by one. Then one day, definitely you'll meet up your aim.

Goal setting is not for setting up,it should meet it's aim.

   " A goal without a plan is only a dream"


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