Programming languages for mechanical engineer

This post is very special to the budding engineers from mechanical and other native branches. Our life is now correlated with computers and network. As it makes our job easy everybody should know little about computers.

As we're engineers we are very supposed to learn some popular and frequently used programming languages. I've made a list of programming languages which is very helpful when you turned to an engineering graduate.
As a mechanical engineer we are supposed to use these programming languages for various problems.

  👉 Python : This programming language became popular in day to day life of coders. Mechanical engineer is supposed to code python scripts to solve Numerical Analysis, Thermodynamic problems such as chemical kinetics and computational fluid dynamics in a much easy manner.

  👉  Ruby : Ruby is very similar to python and it have some special features which not even included in python, but python has the popularity which leads to massive support for python. Ruby fails in popularity but still it is used not much compared to python. But Ruby is always supported by Github.

  👉  Matlab : As python comes under open source programming software, Matlab varies as it can be only used in licensed version. It has some compressed features of mathematical calculations and computational keywords to solve the problem easily and accurately.

  👉  Octave : Octave is very similar to Matlab, but it is developed as opensource project. So if you could not buy a license for Matlab, you can use Octave.

Thank you for reading , please comment you doubts. 


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